Prof. Edy Saputra, ST., MT., PhD

NIP/NIDK : 19730129 199903 1 002
Email :

  1. Sarjana Teknik Kimia (ST) Universitas Sriwijaya
  2. Magister Teknik Kimia (MT) Universitas Gadjah Mada
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in catalyst and catalysis (PhD) Curtin University of Technology Australia


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  2. Saputra, E., Saputra, R., Nugraha, M., Irianty, R. and Utama, P . (2018). Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solution using spent bleaching earth. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering , 345, p.012008.

  3. Saputra, E., Duan, X., Armedi Pinem, J., Bahri, S. and Wang, S . (2017). Shape-controlled Co3O4 catalysts for advanced oxidation of phenolic contaminants in aqueous solutions. Separation and Purification Technology , 186, pp.213-217.

  4. Saputra, E., Zhang, H., Liu, Q., Sun, H. and Wang, S . (2016). Egg-shaped core/shell α-Mn 2 O 3 @α-MnO 2 as heterogeneous catalysts for decomposition of phenolics in aqueous solutions. Chemosphere , 159, pp.351-358.